High Powered Marshmallow Gun!!!

Intro: High Powered Marshmallow Gun!!!

Shoots marshmallows 40 MPH. we ran out of marshmallows and used a piece of bread and put a big welt of my friends stomach!!! it was an accident!!! This is the final product, but i still need to finish priming it and gluing it all together. then paint it to add some flavor to it. Might add a few more things but i will post more pics when finished. I also included a video of it at bout half power maybe a little more. It has a clip that can take maybe up to 20 marshmallow at a time.
    click here for the video



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    this is sooo cool!! when do you think youll get the instructions on how to build it up??


    7 years ago on Introduction

    That's fricken sick man. What are you using to shoot them out that fast? Can you share your plans?

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