High-Tech Pine Needle Camo Painted LapTop Computer

Introduction: High-Tech Pine Needle Camo Painted LapTop Computer

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I had just finished setting up my old Toshiba LapTop with Linux and was looking though the Instructable site when I just happened upon the posting by " murph38_99. I really wasn't looking for a method to paint a gun with, but, I got a crazy idea and ran with it. The old Lap Top was looking very plain and I wanted to give it a different look like no other Lap Top would have, so here we are!

(Just remember not to use plain masking tape on the screen!!!!
Use the blue type of painters masking tape as not to gum up the surface of the LCD !
A light dab of Vaseline on the light that show power and disc usage will keep the paint from sticking to them, wipe off after drying with a cotton swab. )

I am going to give all the props to murph38_99 for explaining in detail the HOW TO of this amazing and easy painting technique! So having said that....

Type in Pine Needle Camo in the search box on the instructables site and go to murph38_99's posting on painting his paintball marker gun.

No need for me to re-invent the wheel, so, let murph38_99 do the teaching and my posting is to show that it can done on all types of items.

Next item is a Linux desk top!

Thanks and go get the info from murph38_99!!!!!!

Step 1: Paint the Entire Outer Shell

Paint the entire outer shell of the laptop first, and, follow murph38_99's instructions to the letter!

Step 2: Don't Forget the Mouse!!!!

Mr. Mouse can sport a nice CAMO paint job too!!!!

Step 3: Phase 2

Paint the inside face of the laptop now.
Don't forget to mask off the screen and the keyboard!!!

Step 4: Looking From Another Point of View

As seen from the operators position.

Step 5: Nice Edge Detail Is Key!

Remember to be patient and take your time allowing the 20 minutes between color shifts!
As you can see, a little patience and attention to detail can yeild sweet results!!!



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    Hi m8 just bought this laptop off a friend and It wont boot from cd Do u know how i can install Puppy or dsl From it ???

    2 replies

    unless you have already figured it out (you post is 2 years old :P) try and see if you can get into the bios to change the boot settings so it will look in the cd drive for a os first, if that doesnt help see if it can boot from a thumb drive.

    It's an alright idea, but it would work better as a slideshow than an instructable because it isn't a step by step instruction.

    See your running puppy linux there Nice one man Used to have the same laptop Cost me £3 From a boot sale (About $5 - 6)

    i cant wait to see them i havent used this yet but i plan to i really like this it is really Kool ha ha. i like to play paintball a lot so this should come in handy real well i need a new mask i think ill get one and paint it a real cool camo and be dominate over the woods ill make an instructable on all my stuff ill make a cover for my gun and all that good stuff.

    very nice job you did there. I'm looking forward to do this on my dirt bicycle

    Thanks deer-slayer51! I just did some Buschnell Binocs last weekend and they rock as well! I also did the same layout on my Remmy 270 snipe special and she looks wicked! Will post a pic or 2 real soon!!!

    Nice paint lob, Monkey. Had an issue with hunters at the tech conventions?

    Yep those pesky deer always want to log on the imermet when I is a huntin! (BadMonkey63)