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    Where on your website?

    Please provide a link.

    "The toxicity is actually of little concern."

    Media hype aside, the established body of medical and scientific research on these compounds does not support your statement.

    It's your body; treat it how you will, but I urge you to please be careful about spreading misinformation such as the statement above.

    Again, there are reasons that these oils have been banned since the 70's

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    wiki is the right source if it has the answer you are looking for, if you don't like or agree with there's,, there is alway "brittanica" or what ever agrees with you

    From Wikipedia: "Studies in workers exposed to PCBs have shown changes in blood and urine that may indicate liver damage. In Japan in 1968, 280 kg of PCB-contaminated rice bran oil was used as chicken feed, resulting in a mass poisoning, known as Yushō disease, in over 14,000 people. Common symptoms included dermal and ocular lesions, irregular menstrual cycles and lowered immune responses.Other symptoms included fatigue, headaches, coughs, and unusual skin sores. Additionally, in children, there were reports of poor cognitive development."

    Yes, a simple task like "pulling a transformer out of a PCB filled x-ray head" probably wont kill you. But what you are not understanding is that there is a probability that it will cause damage such that if x amount of people perform the same task y amount will develop a health concern, some of which might be life threatening.

    And to say something like mineral oil is also a carcinogen is petty. It is a matter of degrees. You can burn you hand with a match but you can do a lot worse with an acetylene torch.

    You are not using these materials responsibly and as you're the one disseminating this information it is incumbent upon you to address health concerns and to not offhandedly dismiss knowledgeable people like cablemonkey who are trying to help you.

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    I'm going to have to agree with grenadier on this one. The toxicity of polychlorinated biphenols is of little concern. The rice that caused Yushō disease was also contaminated with Polychlorinated dibenzofurans and Polychlorinated dibenzodioxins; both chemicals much more toxic than PCBs. Those PCDFs and the PCDDs were likely the cause of the health effects experienced by those people, with the PCBs having little to no responsibility.

    that step wont delete because its the first step. lol you put all the information in the intro. although you probably already knew that.

    "Hopefully to the point where radioshack can actually start selling components again and not just phones and cameras."

    Amen to that brother...

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    Unfortunately the chance of Radio Shack stocking electronic components, are slim to bone. I heard slim left town last week.. Might be wise to buy a few items each pay check to build up a personal inventory while RS still stocks them. YMMV the store here still stocks a limited selection, I hear others don't at all.

    Why even bother with Radioshack? Order online from places like Mouser or Digikey. The shipping cost is worth it because you'll be paying a normal price for components, instead of the Radioshack prices of something like a few dollars for five resistors.

    I'm not sure what the "normal" price is, but 4 cents for a resistor isn't really out of line. In regards to mail order I haven't found anything that comes in much better with all the charges are considered delivered to my door. Been there done that, and always revisiting it to see if it has improved. In 35 years it really hasn't. All things considered the local RS generally was the one to beat. The only thing that has changed is the inventory. Even that means there are new items RS now stocks that I can buy there for less than I can via mail order.

    I just don't think it makes sense to stock up on components at RS. 4 cents per isn't out of line, but RS doesn't sell things under .99 for a 5-pack. I do consider 4 cents per a perfectly fine price to pay for component you don't buy in bulk (<100 units, say?).

    I think that most people, once they make a list of what they'd like to have on hand for projects, will find it cheaper to look online. It's fairly easy to show that is true if you're looking to stock up on about ten or so common resistor values, and very easy to show if you want to stock up on anything else as well, namely LEDs, transistors, 555 timer chips, hobby motors, switches....all the common project stuff.

    Most likely many(most?) parents wouldn't have a clue about current limiting, and still nix the idea. Minor burns they would understand.