High-Voltage Flyback Transformer Salvage

Introduction: High-Voltage Flyback Transformer Salvage

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I show you How to Salvage a Flyback Transformer and other Useful Parts from an old CRT Monitor.

Flyback Transformers are usually used in High-Voltage applications and projects such as in building Tesla Coils or using them to generate Plasma Arcs.

Step 1: Salvage a Flyback Transformer From an Old CRT Monitor

I begin by taking apart this old CRT monitor. The first step is to remove the plastic protective shell.

Step 2: Removing Metal Shielding

I then remove the metal shielding. And then I remove the main control board.

Step 3: Discharge Anode to Ground

It is recommended to drain the anode connection to chassis ground or earth ground. You can do this by connecting a wire to a screw driver and touching the anode. You should power off the monitor at least a week before you disassemble it. This old monitor has been in storage for years.

Step 4: Flyback Transformer

This is the high-voltage flyback transformer we are looking to salvage. I unscrew it from the heat sink.

Step 5: Desoldering the Flyback Transformer From the Control Board

I then begin un-soldering all the pin connections on the bottom of the board. This took forever and I ended up using both my soldering iron and my hot air gun.

Step 6: The Flyback Transformer Removed

I finally got the flyback transformer off the board. After salvaging the flyback transformer, I remove the electron gun assembly in order to salvage the copper wire coils.

Step 7: Useful Copper "speaker" Wire That Can Be Salvaged.

You can find lots of enameled copper wire (ie speaker wire) that you can salvage in these old monitors.

Step 8: More Useful Parts From the Main Board

There are also many other useful components you can salvage from the main board if you so choose.

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