High Voltage Power Supply

Introduction: High Voltage Power Supply

Easy to do High Voltage Power Supply :)

This is my instructable on DIY HV Power Supply and how to make it.
Please follow all instructions step-by-step if you have any questions feel free to ask. For more Experiments with high voltage visit: http://isparktube.com/high-voltage

Step 1: Schematic Plus Parts.

Step 2: Etching Circuit

Step 3: Soldering All Together

Step 4: Firtst Spark

Step 5: Putting All in Box

Step 6: What You Can Do With High Voltage :)

If you interested in High Voltage Experiments visit :




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    Please see "Fire Extinguisher using Voltage Multiplier"


    I am thinking of building a HV cock roach killer using a 12v battery powered source. Would this work using your HV circuit?

    1 reply

    Bigpainter, why don't use kill it with high current?