High Power Knex Mini Cannon




This was originally going to be a single shot tunnel and ram gun but the handle was a little uncomfortable so I made it into a free standing cannon that shoots yellow rods.

Step 1: The Barrel

Follow the pics and build the barrel.

Step 2: The Stand

Look at pics.

Step 3: The Firing Pin

A purple rod with a purple connector at the end.

Step 4: Rubberbands

Look at pics.

Step 5: Loading and Firing

Pull back firing pin, insert a yellow rod into muzzle and use a different rod to push it down all the way.

Flick switch to fire.



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    8 years ago on Introduction

    Please remove this form the group "Knex guns (Cool Mechanisms Only)"
    This is a simple block trigger that this site is SPAMMED with, and doesn't need it in a dnag GROUP for things with COOL mechanisms, but apparently you're new to the site and k'nex as well as being alive.

    6 replies

    It isn't possibelt o put something in a group iwthout knowing that you did so. Either somebody else new ot k'nex did or you're lying to cover up your mistake.


    i must have thought it was another instructable like the knex minis, gun with true trigger witch i just fount out today was not in this group when i thought i had put it in


    Micro knex versions of commonly built guns do NOT count as original OR as cool mechanisms. In fact, the only thing they're good for is if you decide you want to make a flechette launcher with knex, which isn't that good of an idea to implement using regular bazooka barrels due to the sheer amount fo rubberbands, pieces and time reloading involved.


    Just go to the club page and click the remove button. Or, better yet, go back in time and prevent yourself from submitting this to instructables in the first place.