High Power Pen Gun

Introduction: High Power Pen Gun

About: Hey my name is 50caliber and I'm just a ordinary teen that loves things that shoot like crossbow made out of household items pen guns and knives. Sorry for bad English or any misspelled words :) have a nice da…

Hi everybody today I will be making a high power pen gun. Please I'm not responsible of any injuries and do not aim at animals and human

Step 1: Things You Need

Things you need:
2.pen make sure the skewer you have fits inside the pen
3.duct tape or tape
5.2 rubber bands
6.marker any color

Step 2: Take Out Parts of Your Pen

Take out the parts of the your pen and make sure the skewer fits inside

Step 3: Where to Put Your Rubber Band

Get your pen and your marker and draw a line near the middle of your pen

Step 4: Putting Your Rubber Band on Your Pen

Get your pen,rubber band and your tape.
1.put your rubber bands in the line you draw.
2.taped it securely.
Make sure your rubber band will not slide off your pen when it's stretch

Step 5: The Last Step

Get a small tape and tape the two rubber bands end so you can put skewer in them

Step 6: Your Done :))

Please don't aim at humans or animals :)) have fun. Sorry for bad English or misspelled words :)) bye 50caliber

Step 7:

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