High Powered Knex Rifle, Post or Not?

Introduction: High Powered Knex Rifle, Post or Not?

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Ahhhhhhh its good to be back..

so what have i got for you this time? okay lemme give you the run down...

i sat back for a few weeks wondering about what to build, and i came to a conclusion that a rather high powered knex rifle would do the trick, but the problems i was having were triggers breaking, ram rods snapping, the gun actually fell to pieces in my hands one time from a miss-fire.. 

and after all my trial and error i finally cam to my latest instructable, yes it's a high powered rifle, with shell ejection, bipod (you can build it if you like, its not detachable yet), its bolt action, true trigger, it would have a scope but i ran out of pieces.. sadly..

so, without any further delays i give you my latest contraption!

going through the images we have:

1) the gun itself with the bipod opened and standing
2) a closer look at the bipod attachment
3) fore-grip and a fore-hand guard
4) the 8 round magazine with mag pusher
5) the rather odd looking stock and handle, i began to run out of pieces here so i made do with what i had
6) a first person view with the bold also present in FPS view and bi-pod attachment down
7) showing that the bolt itself can move up and down freely
8) firing pin only just reaches the end of where the ammunition sits, giving that near perfect shot every time
9) firing pin pulled back, allowing for the next shot
10) as you can see there's a good half a foot or more until the firing pin catches the trigger
11) a closer look at the mount my bi-pod and the elastic that pulls it back into place when done
12) a good look at the clips that hold the bi-pod up
13) okay, this is cool, the bi-pod doesn't just fold up, it actually clips onto the middle section between the fore-grips
14) FPV with the bi-pod up and clipped into place, its not a perfect fit so the barrel does bend a bit, but it has no affect on the trajectory of the round nor the strength of the shot
15) the bolt does need to be this thick or the gun wont be cocked, its just too strong to be any thinner, and any thicker would be rediculous
16 & 17) are supposed to be videos but i dont think they uploaded properly

well there you have it, have hope you like it, comment, rate, and until next time
ben da builder out.

sorry but there are no instructions due to a miss-hap this morning with the gun where it literally fell to pieces in my hands.

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    All I can really say is that there are better ways to do what you have done.


    Reply 8 years ago on Introduction

    true, but its my first attempt, and it may or may not have shattered in my hands after a miss-fire :S

    a last minute addition to the gun, eventually the bolt will break off, after roughly 200 shots, so be weary for when it does.