High-tech Birdhouse




High-tech Birdhouse


Step 1: Woodworking

Decide on birdhouse dimensions; 8 by 8 by 10 is recommended. Obtain wood and mark areas where cuts need to be made. Use a plexi-glass for one of the birdhouse's walls. Once cut, sand each piece (not including the plexi-glass).

Step 2: Paint

Spray paint the birdhouse in a color of your choice. Do not paint the plexi-glass side.

Step 3: Arduino Board

Using your computer and Arduino software, program an Arduino to power LED lights. In this case, 6 blinking lights were used.

Step 4: Laser Etching

Use laser etching software to create a unique design. The design should be etched onto the plexi-glass.

Step 5: Holes

Drill a bird-sized hole into the front of the birdhouse. Also, drill a small hole on the back; this is for the Arduino USB cord.

Step 6: Birdbath

Use 3D printing software (preferably OnShape) to print a bird bath/water dish.

Step 7: Roof

Obtain small sticks. Determine the desired roof dimensions and cut the sticks to that size. 17 were used in this case. Tie the sticks together using a hot glue gun and string. The design should mirror a thatched roof. Cut an additional 4 sticks to go on the birdhouse's 4 corners. This is used for decoration and to hide any deformities. Completely cover the 4 corner sticks in string.

Step 8: Construction

Use nails and a hand drill to construct the birdhouse. This is a two-person job. For the plexi-glass side, begin with your drill in reverse to melt the glass. This will prevent cracking. Hot glue 1 side of the roof the walls. Also, hot glue the for corners sticks to their respective corners. Place the Arduino board and bird bath inside the finished birdhouse.



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    2 years ago

    Nicely done! :)