Highest Quality Wallpapers on Google

Introduction: Highest Quality Wallpapers on Google

this is a guide on how to download the highest quality wallpapers right through google.

Step 1: Highest Quality Wallpapers From Google

after typing a keyword and hitting enter click search tools located just below the search bar and toward the right hand side.

Step 2: Click Larger Than

once you click Search Tools you will have a few more options to customize your search. (use them to your advantage). click Size. On the drop down menu click larger than. select your desired size. anything above 4 mp should be fine however if you have a 4k display or tv I would go to12 mp.

Step 3: Click on an Image You Like

once you click your size the search will automatically refresh. click on an image you like. press View Image located to the left of the image. you can also click the image again to and do the following steps from the image website.

Step 4: Save Image

right click on the image and hit Save Image As... you can also do this if you are on the image website

Step 5: Save

choose a folder to dowload the image to and click save on the bottom right of the window

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