Highlighter Secret Compartment

Introduction: Highlighter Secret Compartment

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It may look like an ordinary highlighter, but this thing has value! Protecting your (small) important valuables even if you get mugged! Say hello to the highlighter wallet!

Now I know some of you have seen other videos or instructions for something very similar to this, but this is my way of doing it, so here is just another way you can make this                                                                                                                                        Please note that I am NOT RESPONSIBLE for anything you decide to do with this thing

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Step 1: Get the Stuff

You will need:
A highlighter
Needle nose pliers
Heavy duty fishing line
A knife (optional)
Pen (also optional)
Screwdriver (also optional)

Step 2: Dissect the Highlighter

Take the needlenose pliers and take the whole thing apart. Go ahead and throw the ink cart. and the tip away (unless you want to keep them), leaving just the case.

Step 3: Make the Door

Poke a hole through the cap and bottom of the (former) highlighter, making the bottom big enough to stick the cord through. The one on the cap is to prevent a vacuum from forming

Step 4: Finish 'em Off!

Stick the cord in the bottom and tie a knot to keep it from coming off. Meanwhile, take the sandpaper and take off that little edge that keeps the bottom in the case.

Step 5: Assemble

Get something small enough to fit in there and put it in, making sure the cap is on, then just insert the bottom and there you have it! A small, inconspicuous piece of human creativity that can hold up to hundreds of dollars!
P.S. please not that I do not yet have a system of retrieving the money (or whatever you might have in there) so be careful with that

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    1 year ago on Step 2

    Dont toss the highlighter ink ! Seal it up tight in a sandwich baggie and save it ! It can be used to make a super sweet emergency candles that burn FOREVER with it. Not to mention it can be used in other crafts, like resin casting ! Goodluck !