Highlighter Pen Drive USB

Introduction: Highlighter Pen Drive USB

When your Pen Drive's Skin is broken or when you are bored about it, you can change its appearance. It is easy, cheap and fast, I did my own Highlighter Pen Drive USB in 15min. Lets go! just do it!

In this web you can find an others ways to do something like that. This post is not done to present a "better" way, it simply presents a different way.

I'm spanish, I know my english is not very good, please if you find something wrong excuse me and then write me the correct form. Thank you.

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Step 1: Parts & Tools

I am sorry but I have just done my USB and I cant dismantle it. But I will write step by step the way to do the yours one.

- You have to remove the skin of your USB (the appearance of your USB without skin have to be similar as the one of the photo).
- You must find an old highlighter like the one of the photo.

- Filer, little filer and cutter.
- If you dont have an electric machine like this you can use a little saw.

+ Note: I had not to use glue but maybe you will need it.

Step 2:

Firstly you must open the highlighter and cut the piece that we will use in the correct size. You must pay attention with the upper cut because you will need the little neck to close the cover.

Secondly you have to take the bottom part (the little blue piece) and put it in the piece that we cut before.

Thirdly you have to put the USB in to the piece we cut. I didnt need glue because the different pieces connected perfectly.

+ Note: I used the filer to cut perfectly the edges.

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