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Lets Go Camping! I wanted to show you guys just how easy and quick I turned regular pots and pans into travel ready Hiking or Camping cooking equipment.


Pot or Pan (Stainless is best) from your local thrift shop, a couple of carabiners, Drill, a file, a hack saw, or Dremel, a screwdriver, and a sharpie. Takes less than 30 mins.

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Step 1: Breakdown

First I found these two at a local thrift shop for a few bucks. Grabbed two different types to show how each worked. So avoided the nonstick or dark gray, "Tef-lon" stuff, that is usually scratched up and comes off, stainless steel is the best. One of these has a screw into the pot and the other has bolts in the handle. One has rivets inside the pot an the other has a welded plate that holds the handle on. Once you pick out your cookware, it is time to take it apart. Here is what they look like after I took off the handles. The pan has a D ring that I used on the pot later. In fact I really just took off the handle and added the D ring and poof, the pot is ready to go. The pan needed a little more work.

Step 2: The Pot

The pot did need the metal filed a bit just to get rid of some sharp edges where the handle was, so I used a Dremel and cleaned up the rough edges, then used a pair of plyers to squish the D ring on. Ready to go. Next the pan...

Step 3: The Pan

The pan needed the handle shortened and a hole for a ring added. I marked where I wanted the hole to be and drilled it out. Use lube! Do not burn or break your drill bits. One drop of oil when you see smoke (or before) makes this step much easier. After I drilled the hole I marked where I wanted the handle to be cut off and rounded at with a sharpie. Using a hack saw I cut it straight and then using a grinder I rounded off the corners, then using a file I smoothed everything.

Step 4: Ready to Go Camping or Hiking or Whatever

Now hang your pot and your pan from a backpack and get outside! You can use these as a mess kit, or a plate, or a bowl, or to cook in.

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