Hillford Park- an RCT3 Wonder



About: you will find out a lot. of things about me as Im on here. But here are some things about me.: 3 -i like building knex - i play drums (im rather good,) - arachnaphobic - drawer - animal lover - I like movies...

It is Finally here! My next park- Hillford. It's designed to be a nature preserve filled with beautiful trees and rolling hills. The plateau in the center of the park holds the cafe, and the thrilling coaster tree vine- a wonderful Giga with dipping tracks and high speed curves. The wild lands of the east contains an adventurous mine train ride blasting through the forgotten mines of Hillford. There is also a wooden coaster, and a looping twisty coaster at the rear. I worked extremely hard on this park and it took me forever to complete.
Please Enjoy!!

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    8 years ago on Introduction

    Very good! You should start posting on shyguysworld... You'd get a lot more recognition. And all you do is leave the RCT3 video recorder on. Be patient...

    4 replies

    Reply 8 years ago on Introduction

    DO you have something against me. I'm giving you ideas to get more recognition...


    Reply 8 years ago on Introduction

    If I could find a good screen recording program, then I would.
    FRAPS only records it on 15 FPS
    The in game recorder is so laggy its unbearable!

    You can't, it takes it frame-by-frame. There is another recorder, used for panning the camera accross the park, but it is tricky to use. I may crack out my RCT3 actually and get to work on a theme park.

    How do people like *Stratales record their rollercoasters

    *A RCT3 who makes AWESOME coasters, (Search "Stratales" on YouTube)