Hippopotamus Trophy / Coat Hook & Hat Hook

Introduction: Hippopotamus Trophy / Coat Hook & Hat Hook

This is a home made hippo trophy my husband & I made for our Nephew. This was very simple & easy to make a few similar variations accommodated as a decorative coat rack or hat hook. (*Metal hook to hang over door is optional.)

Step 1. Measure the width of the door and hight of where you would like to hang the trophy.

Step 2. Buy a toy plastic hippo (plastic or rubber animal or toys), two wooden beveled / craft pieces of which (or furniture coaster/caster), wood stain (optional), paint/  spray paint for metal, metal (we used scrap metal), two screws (that will work for metal & wood), drill / metal screw bit, hand or midair saw and either your wood coat rack or metal. 

*If you are making a metal hook gather your: mallet, hammer, heating torch, pliers/wrench, vice grips / anvil, rasp / steal wool, metal snips plus safety wear (goggles & gloves).

Step 3. Stain the decorative wood and drill a whole in the center (smaller than the chosen screws).

Step 4. Working with Metal. (*Optional pre-made coat rack or shelf eliminates this step and makes a great piece for the kids' room). Bend the metal to hold two 90 degree angles, matching the measurements of the door, or desired object to hang from. After bending, make sure that no jagged or rough edges are on the metal, by sanding it down with steal wool and a rasp.

Step 5. Paint metal frame (or optional coat rack / shelf).

 Step 6. Cut front & back of plastic hippo (or desired plastic toy).

Step 7. Drill hole through metal frame & hippo or chosen plastic toy).

Step 8. Use screw from inside out, to fasten hippo/plastic toy to metal frame & wood trophy frame, and repeat for the back side of the hippo. 

 Step 9. Place on desired location & enjoy.

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