His and Hers LEGO Costumes




Introduction: His and Hers LEGO Costumes

We used Kaged Kombat's brilliant Instructable (https://www.instructables.com/id/LEGO-Man-Costume/?ALLSTEPS) to make two more lego people with added hands and evening wear. 

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Step 1: Hands

We could only find 50mm polystyrene in time so everything was cut twice and stuck in pairs to make up the thickness. We drew a couple of circles and added the wrist to make a template then used a marker to outline them on polystyrene.

We used a padsaw to cut the polystyrene at first which worked really well to get the basic shape but wasn't the neatest. When we did the second pair of hands we used a junior hacksaw blade with small teeth that worked much better. 

Step 2: Body

We followed Kaged Kombat's formula of cardboard for the bodies

We cut two large boxes up to create the bodies, then taped the 4 sides together before covering them with a couple of layers of papier mache. We used PVA and water at first but wallpaper paste seemed to work better. We then covered them in a coat of white emulsion. 

Step 3: Head and Painting

I didn't take any pictures making the head but we cut two large circles of 50mm polystyrene then shaped\sanded them to give the top and bottom rounded head shapes; we then cut smaller circles of polystyrene for each of the bits on top and cut a 'head sized' hole through 2 of the circles that would become the bottom piece of the heads. 

We couldn't find anything like a cement form tube or suitable bin/pot (despite trying a few for size in garden centres!) so we made do with wrapping a large piece of thick gauge card around on itself to the same circumference as the large circles of polystyrene. We then taped the top and bottom pieces to either end of the card cylinder before covering it in papier mache and leaving to dry. 

We painted the bodies with white emulsion then used red and black acrylic for the details. (We tried poster paint but it would have needed too many coats). We painted the hands and heads in yellow then we cut the eyes and mouths out and covered the inside with a cut up pair of tights. We added a pair of sleeves tone of them which worked out quite well; we cut the sleeves off a large white shirt and used a glue gun to stick them inside the body. 

Last up we covered everything with two coats of yacht varnish to waterproof them.

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