How to Make a Virtual Desktop!

Here's my tutorial. please vote for it!

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Step 1: Think...

First, you need to think hard.

  • What programming language is it going to be in?
  • Will it be open source?
  • Will there be forums?
  • Will it have a story?
  • Is it going to be a game?
  • How long will it take?

There is so many things to think about!

My "Desktop" was made in VS, And it took a while to make.

Click on, my friend, to find out how to program something like this!

Step 2: Program...

Open your code editor! program a custom window border, and everything else.

But, for VS users...

First, something basic. click on the toolbox, and find the label. place it, and you'll see that the properties pane changes. You can now change thinks like the text, color, and even name of the label. keep the name label1, but change anything else to your liking.

Place and change colors until you like it. remember, you want this to look like an OS. Next, go to the toolbox and find the panel. you can put pictures in these. get pictures of operating systems and make the window look like an OS. Click play, or Debug. Congrats, you've made a simple desktop! you can go about programming it. I belive that when someone gives away code, they are taking away someone elses chance to learn. Have fun!

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    4 years ago on Introduction

    I'd just like to mention that in no way are you the lead developer of the project. I sort of manage the project, and just so you are aware jakeypearce is in charge.