Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy Wall Ornament

Introduction: Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy Wall Ornament

About: Art made from scraps. Instagram: Ollysartsnscraps

I used 3/4" plywood to make the characters, I cut out a stencil of marvin the paranoid android,
and sprayed onto the wood to get the shape of him.
as for the whale and petunias, i just kinda freehanded as they are not difficult shapes.  
using a scroll saw i cut them out, sanded them all. put a base coat of flat white on all of them,
using the stencil, painted Marvin's details and using a paint marker did the eye on the whale,
and petunia details. i drilled holes in the back. one big holy perpendicular to the wood,
and then a smaller horizontal with the wood.  

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