Hnefatafl Board


I'm showing you how to make a Hnefatafl board.

Step 1: Draw Your Board

Plan your board's dimension on a sheet of paper. Note that an A4 sheet was too small for my blueprint, and that half of the right-hand border is missing. It is meant to be the same size (9 cm) as the left-hand one.

My dimensions were:
-Tile: 2x2cm
-Border width: 9cm
-Border length: 40 cm (longer ones) and 22 cm (shorter ones)

Step 2: Cut the Wood

Cut the wood and assemble it together! I just glued mine together. I cut each tile individually, but if you prefer you can just keep a full center board and use a pen to divide it up. As my wood had knots in it, I used the tiles that had a knot on them to distinguish the corner pieces and the king's throne from normal tiles. Also prepare the base on which you will glue the borders and tiles.

Pictured are the borders that I cut from a plank of wood, as well as a plyboard base.

Step 3:

Now comes the playing pieces! Once you've got all thirty seven required (24 on one team, 12+1 (king) on the other), you must differentiate the two. You can cut either team in a different wood, dye or paint them a different colour. Make sure one of the 13 pieces is taller, or at least distinguishable. This will be the King. I made all my pawns 10x10mm, and the King 20x10mm.

Step 4: The Tiles

Though you can of course just have a slab which you draw 11x11 tiles on, I decided to cut each one individually from a 2x2cm plank. Do note this is quite time consuming, as there are 121 tiles to make.

Step 5: I'm a Failure

Well, my project failed horribly. I hope this can help people make the project, as it's a great board game. Sadly I thought 20,5mm wood would do instead of 20mm. Turns out I was horribly, horribly wrong.

Oh well. Hope this inspires people to make it! I would really love it if someone who makes it could send mea photo of theirs that I can use as a picture for this last step. It would really be great, and you would be credited



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    This is a cool looking board. If you don't like how your project turned out, you could enter it in the Epic Fail contests where people are sharing their learning experiences.

    2 replies

    Wasn't too much of an epic fail, just me underestimating the power of 0.5 millimetres difference.