Hockey Puck Phone Stand-Minimalistic Version (v2.0)




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For all of you hockey fans out there, this is for you... (and me). I bring to you, a hockey puck mobile device stand, version 2. You can see my original puck stand, which turned out very ummmm, interesting to say the least. Anyway, this is a pretty easy and simple way to turn an old puck, into a sweet, minimalistic phone (or small tablet) stand.

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Step 1: Finding Your Puck

Now to find the right puck. The best option the you have is either a blank puck, or one that has been used in a game with cool graphics on it. The one I used was blank on one side, with a Jonas Hiller graphic on the other side, which I really didn't care about. So I got the graphics off the best that I could and then flipped it over and worked with the blank side.

Step 2: Stenciling You Cuts

Now you are going to want to stencil where, and at what angle you are going to make your cut. My "slot" was about half an inch wide, went down about 3/4 of an inch, and was at about a 70 degree angle (refer to pics). So I stenciled that out on to the puck.

Step 3: Cutting the Stand

In my last version, I used a dremel to hollow out the puck, and I didn't go all the way across the puck, so the phone could only fit in portrait mode, not landscape.
As opposed to have to manipulate the dremel, which isn't easy, I chose to go for a much more accurate, but slower way of doing things. I got a regular wood saw, and started cutting. Trust me, it's worth the time you spend to get the accuracy right. But now you have two cuts in the puck... Now what? How are we going to take out the bottom?
Be patient my friend, you will see.

Step 4: Hollowing Out Your Stand

Now for the answer to all of you questions from the last step. The magical answer is... Wood carving tools. I have a couple of sets of wood carving tools that you operate by hand and the work beautifully, I'm sure that a lot of you probably don't have those tools... I think that a knife would work in place of one of these, give it a try and tell me how it went. So, I just took one of the carving tools that had a flat end and just pushed it into the puck where I wanted the bottom of. My "groove" to be. I did this across the whole puck and then your done! You can still pretty it up a little but otherwise your good.

Step 5: Done!

Now your done! I hope you enjoy your sweet stand. Now you can show that you really are a true hockey fan (and not have everyone think your just another guy who "says" that they like hockey)

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