Hockey Skill Pad and Pass/Rebounder

Wouldn't call myself well-experienced in the department of woodworking but, I do enjoy it! What...

Intro: Hockey Skill Pad and Pass/Rebounder

This skill pad and extremely simple rebounder is for off-ice hockey stick handling training.

Step 1: Skill Pad

I purchased a 4x8 Smooth White Hardboard Wall Panel at Lowe's. You can find this panel at almost any hardware store; use your discretion and pick the smoothest surface you can find. Some people use pledge cleaner on skill pads to smooth it out, I found this particular panel didn't need it.

Black hockey tape will scuff up the board if that's something that will bug you consider using white tape and pucks made for indoor training (i.e.: green biscuit).

4x8 is a little large if you live in a small townhouse like me, so you can always cut it down personally I didn't because learning to stick handle from a distance is important.

You can cut it down and use the material as a whiteboard or something like that.

Step 2: Rebounder


  • 2x4 lumber: Cut into 2 pieces of 2ft these pieces are used vertically, then cut 3 pieces of 1ft these are use horizontally (top pieces used to stabilize.)
  • 1/4 washer: x2 - used for attaching bungee.
  • 3 1/2'' screws: x8 - used to attach the wood together
  • 2'' Screws: x2 -used for attaching bungee.
  • Bungee cord


I'm not going to give a lot of instructions on how to build this, its pretty simple and can be done a billion ways.

  • You can also use a L-shaped mounting bracket to attach the rebounder to the skill pad if it isn't against a wall

-Thanks for reading, hope you enjoyed.



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    2 years ago

    This is a really clever little contraption! Looks perfect for practicing. Thanks for sharing the design!