Hocus Pocus Halloween

Two of my friends and I decided this year we would be the ULTIMATE witches, the Sanderson sisters from 1993's Hocus Pocus. Starting in September, we pieced together costumes from thrift store finds and store bought pieces altered to fit the look. Many of the items we are wearing are hand made/embellished. For example, Mary and Sarah's skirts both served different original purposes - Mary's was a flannel bed sheet and Sarah's was a bridemaid's dress. Winifred's dress and cape both required lots of embellishment to fit the bill - the cape alone required 6+ hours of gold stenciling and adding trim by hand. Winifred's necklace was Danielle's first time ever making jewelry after searching for the perfect necklace and failing to find anything quite right. The "Book" was pieced together using a vintage novel painted to look aged and a journal cover/back was applied to achieve the effect. Mary's hair was a multi-step process utilizing a foam cone, pipe cleaners, 57 bobby pins, wig pieces and black hair dye. The day of Halloween, the three of us took 6 hours to get ready with substantial time taken to make sure each element was accurate to the movie. While this is the hardest we have ever worked on our Halloween costumes, it was also the most fun! We had such an amazing time taking pictures with people on the street and in the event we attended. We cannot wait for next year and have already began planning!



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2 years ago

Very Good Job!! I have loved this movie since I was a little a girl and have passed it on to my own children. Thanks for sharing these pics!!! And I can't wait to see what you do this year.


3 years ago

At the risk of saying you all look like witches and insulting you! I must say I thought you were the originals from the movie when I first looked. You all done really well and it looks amazing. Keep up the good work :)


3 years ago

Great costumes! Looks like a ton of work, but they turned out perfect!

So cool :)