Hocus Pocus Inspired Sanderson Sign



This is a pretty simple but brilliant hocus pocus sign. I bought a base file that had the top sign then copied the same style, made it smaller and flattened the top for the bottom sign. Added the text and skulls then made an offset around both signs of 0.1mm so lightburn could pick it up to engrave the majority and not engrave the text. Kind of like a negative.

Put some string to attach the two signs and make it hangable and job done.

Hope you like it.

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Step 1: File Cleanup

So Step one,

Import the file into Corel Draw, As you can see the hook pegs were a bit messy so clean up had to be done. I cleared all colour so that it had no fill to see what the true image was. Turned out to be just a bunch of brush strokes so that was ok.

Next was to create the lower half of the sign. I simply copied the outline of the top half and cut the curve off at the top and the hook holes at the bottom. (see second picture)

Next was to offset the outline twice so it would give the inner outline using the offset tool. Then to copy the text font and the skulls and create write the Children stay free.

Step 2: Import to Lightburn

Next was to import it into lightburn so that the laser could engrave it. But before i could do that i had to make sure that the holes were going to be engraved. As you can see from the 1st picture i put squares around the holes to this makes it a full engraving of the square and the hooks that were going to be cut out engraved.

Next to make it inverted i selected the outline each sign and put a very small offset (see pic 2) . This would ensure that the whole thing was going to be engraved and not just the text.

I checked if it was correct by hitting the preview button. (see pic 3)

Step 3: Send to the Laser

Then it was just a case of pressing Start in lightburn and away it went engraving all of it and leaving the text.

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    27 days ago

    Nice work! I love the finished look. Thanks for adding some steps!! : )