How to Paint Wall Stripes

This process can work on semi-smooth surfaces.  I first measured out my stripes with a laser and light pencil marks.


Step 1:

Placing laser beam on each pencil mark and follow line with painters tape.  While I was working on this I changed my mind and decided to gradually widen the paint areas as it moves across the wall. This I hope will ad drama.

Step 2:

I then mixed painters calk with a small amount of water then I apply it along the tape edge. This prevents line leaking of paint at tape seal.

Step 3:

A damp cloth or moist sponge is used to smooth out the calking. Next allow 20 min for calk to seal (not completely dry) or tape will not pull evenly.

Step 4:

Paint desired colors being careful not to over brush and mix colors.

Step 5:

Before paint drys gently pull tape upward and maintain control of tape so it will not slap against your painted wall and be sure you have a place to put the messy tape after it is removed so you don't have to scream for your wife to help!



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