Hoe to Convert an Ordinary 6 Volt Lantern Into a Powerful LED Spot Light.




Introduction: Hoe to Convert an Ordinary 6 Volt Lantern Into a Powerful LED Spot Light.

This is my first, no idea how to do this correctly so please, be gentle...

As you know there are probably thousands of these EVEREADY lanterns being thrown away because they are becoming obsolete. But a good quality LED spot light with very high brightness is is very expensive. You can do this modification for about $8 worth of parts, mainly the CREE LED and the Digital Driver Board. 

Additional mod you can do it replace the 6 volt battery with rechargeable gel Cell, they fir in just right & cost about the same but you can recharge them for 500 times. this is be my next project. 

This is the link to the instructional video: http://youtu.be/ITK7rCiWjq0



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    WOW, this is an awesome result. Thanks for sharing. Thanks for the captions, we non anglophone can understand. What is your native languaje?

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    Our mother tongue is something that has no English equivalent, but it sounds very similar to "kee-zaq-mung-ku-rai-tsu-pog", with the last "pog" just a sound of the lips and no voice.

    English is not my primary language, there are going to be lots of mistakes - spelling, grammar etc. Is there an edit function after publish?

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    here's a different version: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HEoob0kgMds