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Introduction: Hogwarts Acceptance Letter Harry Potter DIY | CassKnowlton

There are loads of Hogwarts acceptance letter DIY's online, but I wanted to make one that has everything you would need without buying anything special to make it look great!

This is a part of my newest Harry Potter DIY video so be sure to check it out for more easy DIY's!

Step 1: Envelope

Download the image of the envelope, and then also download a Harry Potter font from THIS list.

Open the photo in paint or a photo editing software of your choice and add your name above the original text.

Save and then print it out.

Cut the envelope out and bend the 4 sides inwards. Tape the 2 sides to the bottom flap, and the you have an envelope!

Step 2: Letters

Download the Mr. or Ms. acceptance letter, supplies list and Hogwarts express tickets.

Using the same Harry Potter font I added my name to the top of the letter.

Print all three out onto regular white printer paper.

Step 3: Details

Download and print out the Hogwarts seal.

Put all of the contents into the envelope, and then add tape to the back of your seal and then close up your letter!

I think its much easier to have everything you need in one place, so that's why I wanted to make a DIY myself!



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    19 Discussions

    it looks so cool and like the real thing!

    very easy... my boyfriend will love this

    To download the picture, all you have to do is click on the picture itself, and when it shows up as the main thing on the screen, right click it and scroll down to the option that says," Save Picture As..."

    That will let you save the picture wherever you want onto your computer. I suggest putting it onto your desktop so that it is easy to find. Once you've saved it onto your desktop, you should be able to see it on the upper left hand corner next to or underneath the recycling/trash bin icon.

    do you have a version of this with no back ground

    this is the best site and step by step I've seen!!

    awesom...........for potterheads

    i don't really get how you are supposed to download the picture i am new to this kind of stuff, could anyone help me?

    1 reply

    It's part of the "pro" membership (paid) on this website.

    can someone tell me how to 'download' the picture

    can someone tell me how to 'download' the picture

    can someone tell me how to 'download' the picture

    can someone tell me how to 'download' the picture

    can someone tell me how to 'download' the picture

    I love this! I'm a huge Harry Potter fan and I've been looking for a good craft! Thanks

    1 reply

    Since I don't see Hogwarts sending me mine anytime soon, I'll just have to make my own! :)

    1 reply

    Exactly what I thought! Had to take matters into my own hands! :)