Hogwarts Student ID

In this Harry Potter DIY we'll be making a personalized Hogwarts Student ID. I'll go over how to customize the templates in Photoshop as well as how to put the project together after printing. Enjoy!


You'll also need to download my free templates available below. I am not referring to the instructables PDF (which requires a paid subscription). You want to download the .zip file.


Step 1: Printing and Cutting

You can customize the templates in Photoshop before printing or by hand after printing. The fonts and Photoshop document are provided with the templates.

Print the templates, double sided, on card stock. I printed the envelope on a slightly lighter weight card stock than the ID itself.

Use a ruler and x-acto knife to cut the templates out. You can also use a corner rounder to round the corners of the ID if you want.

Step 2: Folding and Gluing

Fold the envelope as shown in the photos and video.

You can now glue the two small side flaps in to create a pocket for the ID to be placed in.

Step 3: You're Finished

That's it! You're all done!

Please let me know what you think and share your creations in the comments below! Thanks for viewing!

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3 Discussions


Question 5 months ago

where can i find the back to the i.d..? i can't find it in the templates.

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Answer 3 months ago

It is included in the download. The name is of the file is "hogwarts-id-back". Are you sure you did not delete it by accident?


5 months ago

great work in photoshop. I know how much work goes into it. I ,unfortunately learned that the "fair use" & items (diy) based on existing I.P. can be copied and used by anyone when I saw what I made for craft fairs hanging @ local beach stores making $$$$ off my work from photoshop & how I used for a project.
I now include a special copyright image of my own imbeded in the work that I was able 2 get a t.m. on. Still not worth lawyer fees when I see my work copied.
I am glad that you share for the community in personal use but if you post instructions it's like giving away a recipe according 2 lawyers.
seriously , I even have a pic of dolphin jumping in air over a rainbow that was all natural and no digital work. a ymca used my pic for their photo ID'S & was told such a common imagery used in marketing it didn't even matter that it was my original photo as they made changes 2 it even when they stole pic from my site.