Hoisin Glazed Salmon Video Recipe - Quick and Easy - Dinner in 20 Minutes

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Super quick and easy baked salmon glazed with hoisin sauce – a sweet Chinese BBQ sauce.This recipe does double duty! It’s great for a week night meal and good enough for entertaining. Want to learn how to make this watch the video!

I want kick off Chewie Chews with quick, easy and very forgiving recipes (aka hard to mess up). The quickest and easiest recipe I have in my toolbox has to be HOISIN-GLAZED SALMON – great for a week night meal but fancy enough for entertaining. It’s AMAZEBalls. Yes, I said it – AMAZEballs.

The glaze is to die for. Have you ever had that sauce that comes with Chinese roast pork with the super thick crispy skin or the sauce that accompanies peking duck? Well if you haven’t, that’s okay. You can try this one. The glaze here is very similar in flavour. The secret is the touch of sesame oil. It’s so quick to put together – preheating the oven may just be the most time consuming part.
Print the recipe at http://www.chewiechews.com/recipe/hoisin-glazed-sa...

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