Hold Down Toggle Clamp




Intro: Hold Down Toggle Clamp

After I saw in
the forum an inserted link from Stromer to me about so-called hold down toggle clamps, I decided to recreate them in principle. A CNC portal milling machine would be predestined for this project. But since I do not own one, or have a possibility of use, I first built a prototype for photos with the scroll saw. The photos of the items I edited with a graphics program, so that all fit on a DIN A4 sheet. The result is a 21cm long and 8cm high toggle clamp with a reach of 55mm.

Step 1: Template

You need a 9mm thick multiplex board on which you can apply the printed DIN A4 template by means of spray adhesive. So about 20cm x 30cm. I had a slightly larger plate and cut off the supernatant with my band saw.

Update here is the link for the template


Step 2: Cutting Parts

Then saw off all parts on the scroll saw.

Step 3: Drilling

With the help of a drill stand you drill holes with a diameter of 5mm into all parts. Also the holes for the M6 threaded rod. Then take an M6 tap and cut an M6 thread into the pressure pad and into the lever. As Andruckklötzchen I have used a remnant piece of a 25mm thick Bucherundstabes. Turn the threaded rod in and counter it with M6 nuts. In order to be able to adjust the threaded rod more easily, I used a wing nut at the top.

Step 4: Final Assembling

just screw all togehter and lacker



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    Cion Cassiano

    9 months ago

    Nice job.

    I did it in metal (https://www.instructables.com/id/Grampo-De-Aperto-...


    10 months ago

    Do you have a drawing you can scan in or a CAD drawing file you can attach?

    1 reply

    Reply 10 months ago



    10 months ago

    Can you please make a copy of the template available for others to download?

    1 reply