Hold Up Your Pants




Introduction: Hold Up Your Pants

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Recently I lost my belt. My pants can't stay up without my belt. Yesterday my pants fell off so much I had to take out my wallet, phone, and keys to reduce drag; then I got locked out of work when I went outside to see the sunshine. It makes me unhappy.

Instead of spending all my hard earned money, how about find another use for a used bicycle innertube!? Even new, this makes for a stylish 5$ belt.

Step 1: Pants Better Than Ever

Get a (used) bicycle innertube and put it through your belt loops kind of like a regular belt. Instead of a belt buckle to connect the ends, your going to tie a knot. I put my knot to one side for style points.

Now that my pants fit good again I can carry on with my life.



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    8 months ago

    "...to reduce drag." I laughed so hard at this, I don't know why. I found your calamity humorous. Well done.


    1 year ago

    Roger Miller sang a song about this on the Johnny Cash Show:


    I like it! It's also what's holding up my pants now...

    I have an alternative when you lose your belt in the field: Twist the first belt loop on the left hand side (assuming button is on the right hand side), undo the button and place it into the twisted belt loop. Ta-daaah! You're trousers will look a little scrunched but it usually does the trick!

    1 reply

    I like that idea! I'll have to try it next time I find I need a belt and don't have one. It only works if you need almost precisely one button-to-loop-distance to tighten your pants, though, so it won't work on my favorite pair of jeans.

    I'm not sure, but many rubbers hitched together might work.....I gave me an idea! Maybe I should put jelly on my toast! It was so simple. Why didn't I think of it before? Nice idea though.

    If you don't want to tie and untie a rubber belt you can sew one end to a D ring and tuck the other end through.

    That's pretty creepy, but somewhat useful because all of the pants I find nowadays are too ****ing huge at the waist that they sag all over the place... I like length and extra room , but come on. Maybe I should go the way of the DIYer.... next up: making your own pants!!!

    1 reply

    how about cutting the elastic band from your undershorts and sewing inside the waistband of jeans while stretching the elastic. Then no belt to lose ever again.

    I find that a carabiner (the things climbers use/some people keep keys on hooked to a belt loop) is another great alternative


    12 years ago

    you pictures scare me, but yea i used a bungee cord when i lost my belt

    haha, after reading the first page... I thought... why not old tubes?? And of course its on page two :P So many uses for those little buggers :P