Holder for MIG Welder Leads

Introduction: Holder for MIG Welder Leads

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A MIG welder has 2 leads. One feeds the wire & gas and the other is the electrical ground wire. It is essential that you do not damage the one that feeds the wire & gas by making sharp bends in it or run over it with a vehicle. You need to keep it off the floor except when it being used. This simple fix has worked for me for 30 years with no damage to the leads.

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Step 1: Parts and Tools Needed


1 - Wide Bicycle Rim cut into 3 pieces

1 - Piece of flat steel plate approximately 12" x 6".


Cardboard or poster board & masking tape to make pattern for top piece

Acetylene/oxygen cutting torch to cut the flat plate

Grinder to smooth up cuts making the top piece from flat plate

Metal Brake or acetylene/oxygen heating torch to bend flat plate

Chop saw, metal saw or hand held air cutting tool to cut rim.

MIG welder to weld the 4 parts together


Step 2: Decisions....Decisions

I originally made this using 2 pieces of a bicycle rim welded to a top piece made from 3/16" flat steel plate. When placing the big wire feed lead on one rim piece and the ground on the other, it was too crowded. I decided it would be better if I had 3 pieced of rim. This proved to be a better option.

Step 3: Installed on Top of Bottle

This slips on and off of the bottle neck quickly and easily. It is easy to wrap the leads around when storing, and take them off when preparing to weld.

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