Holder in Disguise



Need a place to hide your valuable things right by your door?

Well you could learn how to make a holder using items you already have in your home! This could help you keep everything together that you need to take with you or just hide valuables.

Step 1:

The materials you'll need are: granola bar box, tape (any kind) ,scissors, a pencil, and a piece of card stock paper or a piece of thin cardboard.

Step 2: Measure

You'll be making box dividers for your box. To insure it will fit and close correctly, you need to figure out what size it'll will need to be. First line it up and draw a line to where the box ends to to measure how long it needs to be. Then to measure the height line it up again and put a mark to indicate how tall it is (don't count the flaps), put it just a tad lower than it actually is so it will close easily. Cut where the lines you drew are. Finally, try putting it inside, if it's a little big don't worry just cut each side a little smaller.(It didn't fit inside the first time for me either.)

Step 3: Assembling Box Dividers

To make the divider you made stay up you'll need to tape it down. To tape it down put a piece of tape in the center, half of the tape on the paper, and half of then bend it so the part of the paper is laying flat, do the same on the other side. After that use the remaining paper/cardboard and measure it like in photo 4 and make sure the box it sideways.The red lines represent where you would mark your cutting lines. You would put a line where the the box divider is and then the crease of the flaps on each side. Cut down where you made your lines and you should have 3 pieces for more dividers. Put the dividers in sideways. Put your first divider in the middle on the top half. Then, the two for the bottom half. Put the tape on the same you did with the first one. Put tape on where the corners meet. Now you should have 5 different dividers in your box.

Step 4: Put in All Your Things!

To put in a necklace get a wall clip and stick it inside, this will make it easier to grab. You should put this in one of the smallest dividers . You could also put in your phone, put it in one of the biggest. Another thing you should put in is your wallet or just extra cash. Next, you could put in a pieces of paper and a pencil to take notes and your grocery list so you won't have to buy one of those 3,799$ grocery list fridges. Finally, you could put in your car keys.

Step 5: Great Job!

I hope you had a great time making this! Thank you, and have a great day.



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    1 year ago

    Also, I was wondering if anyone knew if you're allowed to promote selling things on here. For example, I have a friend who sells homemade slime on Instagram. I thought we could do a collab kind of thing. We could make an instructable about making slime with me and I could make something on her Instagram. On my instructable I could mention her account that sells slime and on Instagram she could mention my account that's on here. I just want to make sure its allowed and I wouldn't get in trouble if I did that.

    2 replies

    It is my understanding that direct advertising of items for sale is only allowed in the 'Marketplace' forum', Instructables themselves shouldn't be used to sell things.

    The only links to items for sale within an Instructable should be to suggest where the items required to re-create the I'ble are available from.


    Reply 1 year ago

    I would say that yes you can promote, you can create a link to anywhere, you can mention anything in the comment section, as long as you follow the "be nice comment policy". For selling things online, there are a lot of other websites out there like eBay, AliExpress, etc., which are designed for the purpose with selling tools needed. If you do it here on Instructables, maybe few will read and more will ignore because we are here to learn, think, create, invent, and SHARE.

    Maybe you can invent something, pick the appropriate copyright, and you can sell your inventions or ideas or maybe manufacturers will contact you, buy your license or recruit you to be part of the team. This is Instructables ^_^ to me.

    Yep, agree. This crunchy granola bars box makes me wanna grab it :P

    Yeah, maybe detergent or pesticide boxes will save your valueables. In the old time in Indonesia (more or less like the wild wild west), my Grandpa (and many other traders) use biscuit cans to keep their money. They put some in the drawer and more in the can. Robbers would keep searching if they got nothing in the drawer. If they got some, they wouldn't notice "the can" within any other biscuit cans in a grocery store ;)


    1 year ago

    This was entered into the Hiding Things Contest, if it makes into it your welcome to vote for me


    1 year ago

    If you have any questions about this instructable just ask!