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Introduction: Hole Saw Adze

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Hey guys, I want to share with you one of my latest woodworking tools - quite fun and an easy to go for everyone.

You know I like to hack stuff - nothing better than making your own tools you know - but when you're able to hack something that's already a hack things even get spicier.

It happened to me lately. A while ago I hacked a hole saw into a nice carving tool - the cookie cutter - and surfing on the same wave and some decent beers I decided to use the same hardware to build an adze.

Adzes are the tools 'par excellence' to carve bowls, canoes etc. Once you've got them you'll search for every excuse to use them.

Step 1: Basic Material

Everybody has them, those used worn-out hole saws. We just can't throw them away since we ate bread with bread a whole month to be able to buy them. And once completely dull we keep on moving them from place to place waiting for a flashing idea to give them a new life.

Here's it. You're welcome.

Step 2: Cut Them in Half

Use a disc sander for this.

Or keep throwing them to the wall hoping for a desintegrating miracle to come.

Step 3: Get Yourself a Nice Natural Wooden Fork and Some Bolts

There's really nothing I can add to this.

Step 4: A Plus B

Drill all the way through the head of the fork and attach the 'cup' to it with the long screw or bolt.

Since my hole saw had a lot of holes I used the second (smallest) hole to insert a smaller bolt to prevent the cup from turning.

Step 5: Adjustments

My first design was fancy, but unworkable. Those 'ears' prevented a decent swing of the adze and it's only by sanding them down that this tool became glorious.

It's logic, but sometimes we just go blind by artistic desire.

Whatever. For no money you've got a quite decent tool you can use for some really pretty carving.

Hope you enjoy it.

Peace, bart



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    15 Discussions

    Aaaaah the seahorse shaped handle. Picapow is back, woodier and cuttier than ever!

    How's souqui' going ? Setting "sail" soon ?

    1 reply

    Salut mon ami! Sooky's almost done, I just need to prep some pine tar to get the whole sealed. And the ash pole for the mast is slowly drying, so the setting of the sail will be for next summer ;)

    Exactly! In fact those teeth were already mostly gone after all the steel I cut with it ;)


    2 months ago

    Looks like you ground off the teeth and sharpened the lower edge? Neat project.

    And the natural tendency to hack apart a tool and slap a new one together strikes again...am I correct in guessing Sooky helped you invent this?

    6 replies

    Can't deny my core you know! ;) Sooky helped a lot, just too bad the diggin' was already done when this one saw the light! ;)

    Still, I'm sure it'll come in handy another time; there's no such thing as too many modded tools....I think.

    Agreed! Never did greenwood bowl carving for example, another summer project! ;)

    I look forward to seeing it, maybe after that so-looked forward-to voyage ;)

    Nice! I just found a 3-piece set of holesaws in the trash a few days ago!


    2 months ago

    So is that metal stud in the last pictures just there to make it look like a horsey? Because it looks like a horsey.

    1 reply

    It's a gender neutral, species neutral, religion neutral and status neutral creation - any similarity to existing creatures is pure coincidence... :D