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Introduction: Hole Saw Candle

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This is a cool project to make. It is a holes cut tea candle. I was making a different project using a hole saw and cut out a bunch of half in wide circles. I decided to sand them down glue them together stain them and turn a few of them into a tea candle holder. Tea candles are 1.5 inches so the circles you cut out need to be at least that big so you can drill out a hole for the tea candle to sit in. You can make this taller if you feel I wouldn't go to tall you want to make sure it would never tip. Never leave candle unattended. Adding a Clear coat would also be nice. Making a set of them too is good idea.

I used these hole saw cut outs

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Step 1: Tools and Supplies

scrap wood


hole cutter bit

sand paper




tea candle

1.5 inch bit

Step 2: Cut Circles

This can be made with scrap wood. It does not take a lot of wood either. You want it to be about a half inch thick, or at least thats what I used. Use your drill and hole cutting drill bit. Cut all the way threw the piece of scrap wood. This will leave a circle in the wood and in the hole cutter will be the piece you want to use. This will need to be sanded. Do this with three holes. Be Careful the bit and wood can get hot from cutting the wood.

Step 3: Sand and Glue

After cutting out the circle there will stuff that need need to be sanded. Sand all sides of each of the three pieces. Sand the rounded edges too. Once you have them sanded down to your liking you can start gluing them together. The pieces are off centered when glued. Make sure not to add to much glue. Add weight to the circles so that the glue sticks and holds. Wait for the glue to dry

Step 4: Stain

You could either cut the tea candle holder part out before glue or after. To do this use a 1.5 inch drill bit to do it. Cut this about half way threw one of the circles. Make sure to center this cut the tea candle sits in the center. Make sure to cut it flat so the tea candle sit nice. Sand is cut as well. Now your ready to stain this. Get your brush and stain. Coat all sides of the candle and inside the tea candle holder. Add as many coats of stain as desired. I would stain the bottom also. Make sure to apply the stain evenly and set it to dry so it dries nicely. Let the stain dry add your tea candle and light. It looks even cooler making a couple of them.

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    5 years ago on Introduction

    This is a great idea. So simple, but I like the end result. Perfect for all those wood scraps in my bin!