Hole in Your Pocket? Duct Tape It!




Introduction: Hole in Your Pocket? Duct Tape It!

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Hole in Your Pocket? Duct Tape It!


Find that your valuables are disappearing from your pockets?

Darn, there's a hole in my pocket! And I don't have time to fix it 'properly!'

No worries! DUCT TAPE It!

Step 1: Gather Your Materials

All you need is:

The 'offending' garment with the hole in the pocket,

Some scissors (If your not the duct tape hand-tearing kind),


Step 2: Locate the Hole

There's that pesky void that swallows all that I want and hold dear!

Step 3: Cut Off About 2 Inches of DUCT TAPE!

Most holes can be repaired with about 2 inches of DUCT TAPE (or more if needed!).

Step 4: Position the DUCT TAPE Under the Pocket

Working on a flat surface, smooth out the pocket and place the DUCT TAPE under the pocket as shown.

Make sure to leave about a 1/4 inch along the straight side of the pocket as shown so the DUCT TAPE can stick to itself.

Step 5: Fold the DUCT TAPE Over

Carefully fold the DUCT TAPE over and align the edges of the DUCT TAPE.

Step 6: Firmly Press the DUCT TAPE in Place

Take your time and press that DUCT TAPE in place. Really smash it down and work it into the cloth.


Step 7: Here Is an Actual Repair That Has Lasted Years....

People might think that this is a temporary repair.

But here is a photo of a actual DUCT TAPE repair that has lasted years.

There now - Now go and fix the World!



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    Alternative way is to fix it from the inside of the pocket. Inside-out the pocket fabric, apply a patch of duct tape similar to your description and then "outside-in" it again. Advantage is that your skin does not come into contact with the plastic or adhesive.

    Optionally use some fabric based band-aid for that extra-smooth touch in your pocket (temporary solution, will come off after washing).

    I carry way to much stuff for duct tape to hold, besides they get gummy and pull on my leg hair.
    Iron on patches work better and last longer. IMHO

    I can confirm this works as well, I've done it a couple times a few years ago and it's lasted well!

    if it cant be fixed with duck tape, use more duck tape, good job.

    YEAH! I've repaired some parts of old jeans this way. People think it's going to come off when you wash/dry it, but actually the adhesive part of the tape sort of melts into the fabric and it becomes a semi permanent fix. Thanks for this, I can confirm that it works really well.

    I told my dog I was about to 'go forth and fix the world,' and he crawled under the bed and wouldn't come out for hours. =)