Holiday DIY: Gold-dipped Feather Gift Tags



Introduction: Holiday DIY: Gold-dipped Feather Gift Tags

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How to make gold-dipped feather gift tags that you can use this holiday season!

Step 1:

What you’ll need:
  • Feathers
  • Scissors
  • Glitter
  • Paint (I use all-purpose home decor paint because the jar has a wide mouth for dipping the feathers.)
  • Rhythm typeface by Neil Summerour
  • Free printable tags from Fairgoods

Step 2:

You’re going to want to hand-pick each feather. Make sure the stems are white and clean, and that the feather is strong.

OPTIONAL: Cut the tip of the feather in an arrow shape, rounding the sides a bit with your scissors. I find that cutting the feather at the tip makes for a cleaner look in the end product. If you are pre-cutting, I recommend doing them all at the same time  because your hands might get messy later.

Step 3:

Dip feather into paint, making sure the front and back are as evenly coated as possible. Carefully wipe excess paint off the feather on the side of your jar.

Step 4:

It’s glitter time. You can either press the feather down into the glitter as shown below, repeating on both sides until fully covered, or sprinkle the glitter on by hand, which works best but it’s messy. For either method, tap the feather over your glitter a few times when finished to remove any excess.

Step 5:

Your feather is finished. Set it in a cup or short vase to let dry. You can fit 25 to 30 feathers in one standard coffee cup for drying. (Just don’t let them touch each other.) Allow 30 to 60 minutes for drying.

Step 6:

We used Neil Summerour’s Rhythm typeface to create tags for our feathers. Download our free template here and customize them for yourself. Print them out and cut them out.

Step 7:

Using a standard hole punch (we used a heart-shaped one), make a hole in the center at the top and bottom of the tags.

Step 8:

Slide your feather through the top hole and out the bottom. Use the tags as holiday table settings or on gifts.

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