Holiday Dress for an American Girl Doll

Introduction: Holiday Dress for an American Girl Doll

see & sew pattern # b5414
I made dress A at the top of pattern.
used left over holiday fabric to make 2 of these adorable dresses.

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Step 1: Layout Pattern

Lay out Pattern
Pin to fabric.
Cut out fabric pattern.

Step 2: Pinning

Next, I pin together the fabric pieces to form the sleeves and the top. I also added a decorative collar and sleeves to make them longer on the arms.

Step 3: Sewing Sleeves

Now, I am ready to attach the sleeves to the top. I find this process the hardest.

Step 4: Top

This dress consist of a top and a bottom skirt that would be sewn together. The top is finished once I had velcro to the back to keep the top closed.

Step 5: Waist Band

This pattern has a decorative band that attaches to the wsist of the dress. I used white lace to make it look elegant.

Step 6: Skirt

The bottom of the dress is ready. Next I sew the 2 pieces together to form a single dress. The top as a 3 inch velcro piece in the back that will keep the dress securely in place.

Step 7: American Girl Holiday Dress

I made 2 of these dresses in different holiday patterns for my girls.

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