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This is a simple patterned dress created for a stage show around the Holidays.

Step 1: Choose the Fabric

Originally, I wanted to created a dress that was actually going to be used for stage in a Holiday performance. I wanted it to be kind of like the turn of the century feel, but still cute and holiday-ish. So I bought some green satin for the skirt. When I make costumes, I always buy more than what I think I need just in case I want to add more ruffles or layers underneath. I wanted something a little more sturdy for this costume than what the fabric store had available, so around the holidays, I found some table cloths at the local Walmart that were sparkly and very sturdy. I knew one tablecloth would be more than enough...and would give me extra material in case I messed up the pattern. I drew out a rough sketch of what I wanted...(can't find that original drawing unfortunately) but I knew no one was going to have a pattern for what I wanted exactly. So that leaves you having to create your own.

Step 2: Placing the Pieces

Next, I normally lay the fabric on the dress form and cut the fabric to the exact measurements I would need, but in this case, I had to make three of the same dress and they were all different sizes, so I had to create a pattern out of interfacing fabric first to make sure everything laid correctly and then altered each dress accordingly. The pattern was a pretty basic pattern...just two darts at the bust and two under the bust from the waist to bring it in. In order to keep the puffy sleeves "puffed" I ruffled up some interfacing with my serger and added it across the top seam of the shoulder. Sew it right into the seam and fold it into the sleeve area, so that it's out of the way for the arm, but still helps keep the puffed shape. Next, I added a "ruffle flap" or that's what I called it...I have no idea what it is actually called, but it's the red flap that covers over her hip underneath the bodice. For that, I just laid another piece of interfacing under the bodice and cut a new pattern piece to the length needed per girl so that when she raised her arms, it wouldn't show her mid drift. All inside seams can be serged and edges sewn. Press everything so it's nice and crisp. Add the zipper in the back and for an added detail, I found a green feather boa at the fabric store that I sewed onto the top edge to make it more wintery. After finishing the top, I didn't like how the sleeves weren't pulled in, so I cut a green strip and sewed it where the elbow lines up and then just ran a string of elastic inside to help pull it in close.

Step 3: On to the Skirt...

Now for the bottom of the dress, I cut out a simple circle skirt and added a straight waist band, then I wanted to add two stripes across the bottom to help it tie into the top better...actually it began as one stripe. But I liked the look, so I added another. I cut out an interfacing strip, the same curve as the circle skirt and cut out a bunch of strips from some red shiny material that I had that was very similar to the red tablecloth fabric that I bought. I just sewed all the cut pieces into one long strip and pressed both edges inwards across the entire'll have to clip these edges (I forgot to on one of the strips and learned the hard way lol) and then pin it in place at the distance you'd like the stripe to be. Then just top stitch it all the way around the bottom edge. Follow with the second or however many stripes you'd like and then press the entire skirt so that it lays flat. My satin was fighting me at parts of it, but it was too late to start over, so I just lived with it.

Step 4: Finished!

Next, just attach the skirt to the top with some hand stitches if you'd like or if you want to keep it two pieces, you can as well. Make sure all the edges are taken care of and you have yourself a holiday costume/dress. I made a hat to go with it (not shown in the photo) and I think maybe down the road, I'll add some buttons on the front of the bodice. :)

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