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Introduction: Holiday Icon Cheek / Hand Art

About: I am a conceptual artist, and my DIY projects are mostly inspired by pop culture (movies, music, sports, TV). I mostly specialize in painting, graphic design, drawing, digital photography, performance art, a...

It doesn't matter what holiday you celebrate, I just happen to create a fantastic cheek or hand art idea to celebrate: Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, Christmas, it's time to celebrate the holidays!

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Step 1: Candy Canes

The first source of inspiration came from watching Ashlea Henson's candy cane tutorial on YouTube.

To make the candy canes, I began by painting two white cane shapes. I used Mehron Paradise paint in White.

Then, I added red stripes. I used Mehron Paradise in Beach Berry.

Then, I used black and white paint (all from Mehron Paradise) to dress them up with outlines, highlights, and details.

Step 2: Snowman

The second inspiration also came from Ashlea Henson's YouTube channel, but this one is of a snowman.

To start, I began by drawing a straight vertical line in white, then added three circles, one on top of the other. Then, I added a layer of snow to the bottom of the snowman body.

Then, I added some snow around the figure, and changed the color to black for the snowman's arms, eyes, mouth (which you will see in the next photo), and hat.

Then, I added an orange carrot nose, and finished off with a strip of white across the snowman's hat.

Step 3: Star of David

For all of our Jewish friends out there, a great miracle has happen: I created this original Star of David design perfect for Hanukkah!

First, using white paint (Mehron Paradise), I made six dots, and connected them to make the basic shape of the Star of David.

Then, I used a few shades of blue paint (Lagoon Blue and Light Blue from Mehron Paradise) to paint over the basic shape.

Then, I went back to my Light Blue to fill in the empty gaps.

Finally, I used black paint (Mehron Paradise) to outline the entire design.

Step 4: Kwanzaa Silhouettes

The final design goes out to our friends of the African American community! The idea for this Kwanzaa silhouettes came from reading the 2008 book "The Face Painting Book of Holiday Designs" as part of a Kwanzaa face paint design created by Marcela "Mama Clown" Murad.

First, I used a white eyeliner pencil to sketch out my idea.

Next, I started with orange paint (Mehron Paradise), followed by yellow and light green (also from Mehron Paradise) to fill in the dresses of the African girls. Then, I used Lime (Mehron Paradise) to paint the third lady's turban.

Then, I used black to fill in the silhouette bodies, and I finished them off with outlines.

Step 5: Happy Holidays!

And that's all there is to it! 4 amazing designs to celebrate the holidays, no matter what it is!

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