Holiday Pearl Earrings




Introduction: Holiday Pearl Earrings

Hello! It is always a necessary for me to make earrings when winter holidays arrive. Earrings make great gifts along with adding some sparkle to evenings. When I was making earrings for gifts this season I ended up making this delightful combination of pearls with little silver beads. So, here is the instructions on how to make earring to hopefully add some cheer!

Step 1: Materials + Tools


  • Fish hook earring earwires (sterling silver works well)
  • Head pins (2 in)
  • Freshwater pearl beads
  • Mirror round silver beads (3mm)


  • Wire cutter
  • Round nose pliers

Step 2: Picking the Pearls

Out of the long string of pearls, it's best to pick the roundest beads. They should be all around the same size and have no corners sticking out of the pearl. If possible, all pearls should have no sections which are dull in color. Six pearls are required (three for each earring).

Step 3: Thread the Beads on the End Pins

It's as simple as it sounds! You start with an end pin, two mirror silver beads, and a pearl. Face the flat end of the end pin down and put on a silver bead, a pearl, and another silver bead. In that order. Then, repeat five more times until you have all the six earring parts!

Step 4: Cut End Pins to Different Lengths

The end pins (with beads on) can be cut different lengths to have the desired effect. One earring has three different end pins. Leave the first end pin at its original length. Then, cut the other two. The medium one, try to cut (using wire cutters) it a bit more than 2/3 the way up. And, for the smallest one try to cut it a bit more than 1/3 way up. The reason I say a bit more than 1/3 and 2/3 and that you need to curl the top of the end pins later and that results in the loss of metal. Then, cut the other set of three end pins. I suggest comparing the second set to the first so that they match in length.

Step 5: Curl the Top of the End Pins

This is the hardest part, but you can do it! Use the round nose pliers to grip the top of one of the end pins (with the beads on) and use your other hand to grab the bottom of the end pin. Then, rotate you hand holding the round nose pliers until the curl is enough so that it makes a loop. Repeat for the next five end pins. This is a hard step, so if one does not work, cut the end pin and and re-thread the beads on to another end pin of the same length. Then, you can re-try (if needed).

Step 6: Opening Up the Fish Hook Earring Earwires

Start by putting round nose pliers in the bottom loop of fish hook earwire. Then using your other hand to secure the earwire from moving, open the loop. The loop should only be opened a bit. you want the loop to have just enough space to put the loop of the end pins on it. Make sure to do this for both of your fish hook earring earwires.

Step 7: Closing the Fish Hook Earwires With the End Pins on

Finally, using your round nose pliers, close your earwires. Do this the same way you opened them. Have one hand stabilizing the earwire and the other closing the medal loop. Make sure to have your end pins (three per each) threaded on the loop!!! Repeat this for the other earring. Then, you are left with two gorgeous looking earring!

Thank you everyone for sticking through this instructable. This is my first one with hopefully more to come!

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    2 years ago

    Those are really pretty, they would make a great gift! :)