Holiday Place Cards

Introduction: Holiday Place Cards

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With the holidays drawing near, one might be in need of some speedy decorations to spice up the dining table. Place cards are a simple and useful decoration that can bring smiles to the table. Place cards can also add colorful fun to the scene. They do not take long to make, so why not create a set before the guests arrive?

  • Card stock or heavy duty printer paper
  • Clear Tape
  • Scissors
  • Pencil
  • Pen
  • Colored Pencils
  • Ruler and/or cutting mat

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Step 1: The Cutting

To start, take your piece(s) of paper, and measure 3 inches across the paper along either side. Mark the paper with a pencil line, and keep measuring 3 inch marks until you have reached the end. Repeat this process going across the other side.

Once you have finished, extend these marks across the length of the paper using a straightedge or a ruler. Before cutting out the squares, take into account which pieces are not the correct size due to the measurement of the paper. I drew red X's on the incorrect squares to remind myself to not use them.

Step 2: Design

Extract a paper square from your pile. Fold it into thirds, and then unfold it. Make certain that you erase any pencil lines. The middle portion of the square will be used for the name. If you have folded the square inward, flip the square over.

Here comes the fun part. Break out the gel pens, and get designing! I used a black pen for the name. Using cursive for the name brings a professional quality to a place card. Next, choose the selected holiday image that you will draw. I chose leaves for Thanksgiving. Draw the images neatly in pen. After doing so, choose your color scheme. Thanksgiving comes to mind as warm colors of yellow, orange, and red. Color in your drawings using the selected colors. Colored pencils work best.

Step 3: Assemblage

Lastly, find your tape. Fold the place card once more to ensure creased edges. Then, place tape on one end, and stick the other end of the square to it. Press the tape down firmly to confirm its stickiness to the paper. Now you have a 3D self-standing festive place card!

Step 4: Set the Table!

After you have finished creating a place card for each of your guests, set the table! Place each in the desired position. Lastly, enjoy your guests' expressions as they see your gorgeous homemade place cards. Happy Holidays!

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