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Introduction: Holiday Prezels

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Holiday Prezels are fun to make for holidays.

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Step 1: Preperation

Before you can start making this yummy holiday treat  you must set everything out that you need to complete them. You will need Almond Bark, Prezels, Bowl, Wax Paper, Fork, and also a Knife.

Step 2: Almond Bark Time

First open your almond bark package. You are going to need three squares from the package of almond bark. You can either break them with your hands or cut off three squares. It all depends on how hard the almond bark is.

Step 3: Microwave

After breaking or cutting  three pieces of the almond bark off you then place those three pieces into the bowl. After putting the almond bark into the bowl you are now able to place it into the microwave between 45-50 sec. Make sure the bowl is safe to use in the microwave.

Step 4: Smashing the Almond Bark

Remove the bowl from the microwave. Make sure to use hotpads because it is hot. Set down the bowl and stir the almond bark with a metal utensil until the almond bark is a thick  liquid.

Step 5: Preparing to Dip the Prezels

Before you can dip the prezels into the Almond Bark. You are going to need to rip off a sheet of wax paper and set it on your counter or where you are making them. After ripping off the wax paper, then you must open the bag of prezels.

Step 6: Dipping

Grap one prezel from the bag and dip it into the almond bark. Once that side is covered flip it over and cover the other side with almond bark. Now remember the almold bark may still be hot so use your utensil and not your fingers. You can use your fingers once it cools off enough that you won't burn yourself.

Step 7: Setting It Down

Once the prezel is totally covered. Remove it from the bowl and place it onto the wax paper.

Step 8: Drying and Repeating Steps

Once the prezel is on the wax paper it has to be there until it is done drying. While that prezel is drying you can continue to dip prezels and set them on the wax paper. If you happen to run out of almond bark repeat the steps. Continue to repeat the steps until all the pretzels are gone or you run out of almond bark.

Step 9: Taking It Off the Wax Paper

Once the prezels are dry on the wax paper then you are able to take them off and place them in bags or in a festive bowl for everyone to enjoy.

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    10 years ago on Introduction

    I'd never heard of Almond-bark, but apparently it's vanilla-flavoured vegetable fat (with sugar I guess?)



    Reply 10 years ago on Introduction

    you could easily replace it with white chocolate.


    Reply 10 years ago on Introduction

    I think that's what "white chocolate" is.



    10 years ago on Step 2

    Haha your totally sporting the 2007 American Falls WTMS Track shirt - nice. :)