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Introduction: Holiday Ribbon Secret Money Container Updated

My college age son and I talked about ideas for the instructables Secret Compartment and Doors contest on a recent walk. When I got home and started wrapping Christmas presents, I realized ribbon spools would make a great secret container. I was so excited that I woke up my son to share my idea. Of course, my husband helped with construction tips.

This container would make a great prank holiday gift. I plan to wrap my daughter's Christmas money in the one I made with my son's and husband's help.

When I went to wrap my daughter's gift, I noticed my container was slightly loose. I added a rubber band for a tighter fit.

Step 1: Materials

2 Spools of ribbon
Cardboard (e.g., back of a legal pad)
Construction paper that matches the color of the inside of the ribbon spool (optional)
Rubber band (optional)

I used two identical spools of ribbon. If you use different spools, make sure the sizes and descriptions on the spools match so the secret is maintained.

Step 2: Supplies

Styrofoam scrap block
2 Thread spools
Soup can for weight
Tomato paste can for weight

Step 3: Tools

Exacto knife
Letter opener
Tacky glue
Glue stick
Fine sandpaper
Clear tape

Step 4: Take Ribbon Spools Apart

Roll the ribbon from each ribbon spool onto an empty thread spool.

Decide what side will be the top of the container; this is referred to as the top side. I used the side that described the ribbon as my top (e.g., 15 feet craft ribbon).

Decide what side will be the bottom of the container. I used the side with the bar code and bow directions for the bottom side

Using an Exacto knife and/or letter opener, gently detach the core from both sides on one spool.

From the other spool, remove the bottom side only. The ribbon core remains attached to the top side. This is the top of the secret container.

Lightly sand the edges of ribbon cores to remove any remaining glue and paper.

Step 5: Prepare New Inside Core for Container Bottom

Cut about a 1/2" piece from the detached core. Measure and adjust until the rolled piece will fit snugly inside the container top, top side with the core attached.

Tape the ends of the new inside core together.

Step 6: Prepare Bottom Inside (optional)

The inside of the bottom side tore when I was detaching the pieces. I glued a piece of construction paper the same color to the inside of the bottom side.

Step 7: Prepare Container Bottom

To make sure the top and bottom of my container lined up, I made a jig using toothpicks and a Styrofoam scrap. I put cardboard in the container top to aid gluing.

Place the container top, top side with core attached, on the Styrofoam scrap with the core up. Using toothpicks, secure to Styrofoam. Make sure the toothpicks are straight so that the container will line up properly.

Cut two pieces of cardboard and place inside container to top.

Put new inside core inside the container, apply tacky glue to top edge and put on the prepared bottom side. Place soup can on top and allow to dry.

Step 8: Add Inside Ring

To prevent your stored item from showing in the ribbon spool hole, add an inside ring to the container top, top side with original core attached.

Cut a piece of cardboard the same width as the core, form into to a ring, tape together, and glue inside container top using tomato paste can for pressure.

Step 9: Wrap Ribbon

Tape ribbon to original core on container top, wrap ribbon around core, and tape at end.

Step 10: Place Rubber Band Around Bottom Core (Optional)

When I tested my container, it was a little loose. I placed a broccoli rubber band around the new inside core. This gave me a secure fit.

Step 11: Hide Money

Fold money and put around inside edge of the core on the container bottom. Put container top on to hide.

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    6 years ago on Introduction

    It was definately a fun way to add humor to Christmas morning :)


    6 years ago

    very cool idea!