Holiday Stake

Introduction: Holiday Stake

What you'll need :


Wood stake from hobby lobby or your local craft store ( these come in 2) for 3.29
Wood cut outs from hobby lobby for 3.49
Acrylic paint 0.77 cents you need 2
Dremel tool
A header ( anything that you like on the very top)
Snowflakes ( craft stores)
Nail gun
Fake snow

To make the snowman top :
Paper maché : glue, water, vinegar,salt and water
Decorative beads for mouth and eyes ( found in craft stores and that I had left over from a wedding.
Piece of styrofoam for a nose
Orange, black and white acrylic paint
Construction paper
Cd ( hat)

This holiday project was under 8 dollars , with wood stake, and cut out wood , I had everything else around the house,

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Step 1: The Header

Mix your paper maché mixture to your own liking, start dipping your newspaper in the mixture and adhering it to your mold I used a ballon for this, make sure and coat the entire balloon, let it dry over night , once dry paint white, use the decorative beads for the eyes and mouth paint them black , then cut a styrofoam for its nose and paint it orange wait to dry. Once completely dry make a hole on the bottom of the snowman


Roll your construction paper , hot glue the sides and top adhere to the cd and color black , decorate your liking, I added some more of the decorative beads painted them red, added a stripe of green, drew in some holly leaves. Hot glue to the top of the head, spray with some fake snow that always makes everything come together


I used a holiday floral arrangement I bought at the dollar store, took all the leaves and flowers out to use them for another project, twisted up the wires and adhered them w hot glue. Done!

Step 2: Paint and Finish!

Paint your stake white , figure out your design, some people use tape to make it a bit easier, I just free handed the whole thing I used tomato red and and a jelly green acrylic paint.

I painted the rectangles wood cut outs with the same colors
, I used a pencil to write down the phrase "Santa please STOP here....(arrow)

And used my dremel too to carve the words into each board, now becareful when your doing this, you wanna make sure you don't go through the board .

Attach each bored carefully with nail gun/stapler( you can also use a hot glue gun with this , but my experience it doesn't really hold up very well in rain and fog )

Add little things to give it some character, snowflakes, lights etc


Use a spray sealant, let it sit overnight and your done!!

Now make some for your friends and family, they're always fun and cheap to make, plus homeade stuff is always the best!

ENJOY! Merry Christmas!

Step 3:

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