Holiday "Wish" Pot Arrangement

Introduction: Holiday "Wish" Pot Arrangement

I like giving to others during the holiday season, and last year I discovered a great new tradition that my whole family loved.
I make this special arrangement, which I call a, "Wish" arrangement, and on the side of the pot  I stick a gift tag, where I write one wish I have for the person who receives the pot this holiday season.
I enjoy giving my Wish Pots to the poor as a special treat for the holidays. It's very gratifying to see their faces light up when they receive the Wish pot.
For this project you'll need...

Pine Tree Trimmings
Pine Cones
Berries (I used crab apple berries)
Dogwood branches
Pot of soil
Gift tag

Let's get started!!

Step 1: The Dogwood

Once you have about a handful of dogwood, cut off any loose branches on each piece cut the end stub off so it will stick into the pot better.
Once you have done this, stick the dogwood directly into the center of the pot.

Step 2: Pine Tree Trimmings

Prepare the branches by cut the stub at the end off.
Then, curl them around the outer rim of the pot, tightly wrapping around the dogwood in the center.

Step 3: Berries and Pincones

Take the berries and pine cones you gathered and spread them around your pot. Not that hard. :)

Step 4: Your Special Wish

Add a special wish on the side of the pot for the person receiving it. My wish was: I wish the best for your Christmas season. I gave it to my sister.

Step 5: You're Done!

Give this pot to someone you care about, or keep it as a decoration on your front porch. 

NOTE: I am truly sorry for the picture quality. I had to use a mobile phone to take the pics. 

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