Hollow Book. Quick and Easy Build for the Bedside Table




Introduction: Hollow Book. Quick and Easy Build for the Bedside Table

I've always wanted a hollow book to keep things in. They are perfect for keeping small items hidden in plain sight. So I decided to make one for myself and one for the girlfriend for Valentines Day.

List of Materials:
Mod Podge
Exacto Knife and blades(About one blade per book)
Paint brush
and your choice of Book.

I got my books at Hastings on Clearance for $2.99 a piece.

Step 1: Prep Stages

If in the final stages you want a cover on your book then leave it on. Me personally I wanted just the plain book so I took the paper cover off.
Take the top cover and about 10 pages of the book and place a plastic grocery bag over these and pull it tight. Then place the book on your preparation area. Using the mod podge and your paint brush cover the outside edge of the book with a good layer of mod podge. Lift the back of the book and glue the back page to the back cover. This helps keep the Book held together later as your start cutting.

Put your book on a flat surface and place as much weight as possible on top of it to keep the pages tightly shut. I used college textbooks.
Let your glue dry for around 8-12 hours for best results

Step 2: Cuttin' Time

Now that the glue is dry its time to mark off lines and start cutting. I made my lines .75 inches in from all edges.

Using your exacto blades start to cut through about 80% of the pages in your book. Your blade will cut through about 4-6 pages at a time. So in all honesty this is a great time to catch up on that Netflix instant streaming movie you've been meaning to watch for a month now.

Once youve cut through all the pages you want to. Simply do as you did before. Mod podge the inside and outside of the book and place under weight for 8-12 hours.

Step 3: Enjoy!

Now go hide anything you want! I plan on making a few in the future with some more custom shaped hiding spots. My pistol will be perfectly hidden within one of these on my bedside table.

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    4 Discussions


    7 years ago on Introduction

    Does the mod podge turn the book pages into one solid chunk?


    Reply 7 years ago on Introduction

    Yes it glues the pages together and glues them to the back of the book. It makes it very solid.