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Get healthy and yummy snack for your kids to school in just 5 minutes.

Step 1: Cut the Top

Start with an apple and cut the top into flat conus and save it for later.

Step 2: Make the Hollow

With a knife and a teaspoon take the core out.

Step 3: Make Your Own Chocolate

Healthy, low on sugar, no preservatives, fresh:

  • 2 tablespoons of the best cocoa powder
  • half of the tea spoon of brown sugar
  • a splash of milk
  • one yolk
  • just a bit of butter for consistence
  • cinamon and clove

This will be just enough for 3 apples.

Step 4: Cast and Blend Well

Mix until the chocolate thickens.

Step 5: Test the Consistence

Test the chocolate on cold plate. It should thicken well within 1 minute. If not, add more chocolate powder. If too thick, a splash of milk will help.

Step 6: Fill Up Time

Put the chocolate in and rotate the apple so that chocolate covers the apple from inside. You may add up nuts, dried food or other ingredients. Close the top and chill upside down. The chocolate will hold the top.

Step 7: Close the Top

Close the apple with the top and refrigerate.

Step 8: The End

With the chocolate apple your kids will get vitamines (mainly the B vitamines from yolk, C from apple), minerals (zinc, magnesium from chocolate) and proteines (from yolk) nice fresh chocolate with low sugar. The preparation takes just 5 minutes and of course you can add your story that scientists finally found a way how to grow chocolate inside apples :-)

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3 years ago

Those look good


3 years ago

Great idea! I think I will try this!


3 years ago

awesome! I'm will try this. I was going to do an Instructable similar to yours but I would never thought of this!


3 years ago

will sure give a try . Very good