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This is a super awesome craft for a Mother's Day, or birthday! This consists of a hollow unbroken egg with a message inside!

What you'll need

Confetti or sprinkles

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Step 1:

Get your egg and poke a small hole in both ends, then blow in one end spewing the yolk out of it into your bowl

Be cautious not to blow so hard you get a red face or an anurism, or whatever comes first. :-)

Step 2:

Wash your egg and dry it

Then blow inside until no more water comes out of the second hole

Repeat this step

Step 3:

Let your egg dry for a few hours, or speed this up by blowing for 10 minutes (take breaks in between)

Add confetti! Or sprinkles, or glitter or whatever you can fit into the hole

Roll your message up very tightly and insert in one end, shake to make sure it is not stuck

Step 4:

Add paint and design! Be sure it is dry!! Place in a special box for someone to get!

Step 5:

Open and reveal message

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    4 years ago on Introduction

    This is really cute. I like the polka dots. Thanks for sharing!