Hollow Illusion 3D Model

Steps to convert any face model to hollow Illusion model
Simplest way I would possibly do.


  1. 3D Builder software available for free in windows
  2. Face figure with straight look for this tutorial I will be using Julius Caesar from below linkhttps://www.myminifactory.com/object/3d-print-juli...

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Step 1: Create New Scene and Add Cube

Step 2: Importing the Face Model

Step 3: Resize the Cube As Per Your Human Face Model

I would take extra 2 mm in X,Y,Z axis

The face model is of X=57 Y=64 Z=130

so the cube will be




Step 4: Centering the Models to X=0 and Y=0

Step 5: Subtracting the Human Face From Cube

Step 6: Splitting the Cube Enough to Make the Illusion Work

Step 7: All Done


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