Holly Berry Eye Design

Introduction: Holly Berry Eye Design

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This shimmering eye candy goes way beyond basic holly berries for the holiday season!

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Step 1: Start With a Blend of Color

I started using silver and dark red paint to sponge on a color blend on one side of my eye.

Step 2: Red Berries

Then, I start using my red paint (Mehron Paradise) to paint 3 sets of berries on the top and bottom areas of my eye.

Step 3: Holly Leaves

Then, I dived into my bright green paint (Mehron Paradise) and painted on some holly leaves.

Step 4: Highlights

Then, I used white and dark green paint (Mehron Paradise / Snazaroo) to add some outlines and highlights to each leaf.

Step 5: Final Touches

Now, for the finishing touches, I added highlights and embellishments to the design as well as some red color to the lips to complete the look.

Step 6: Pretty and Cute

Pretty and cute, any girl will love having this done on their eyes to add some girly-girl style to any holiday wardrobe!

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